Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oi, Oi, Oi... vey

Rups and I just walked in from a weekend of extreme athletic nature excursions - somehow combined with an overdose of quality food and chocolate - with our friends Ben & Laura, to whom I'll be sending a medical bill shortly.

I feel well fed, and abused. We didn't take any pictures the first day, but see the photo below which captures "abseiling."

Abseiling is basically walking vertically down the face of a cliff. Don't worry, there was a rope involved. The above photo is one I found from the tours website: We did abseil down this particular cliff, which was 30 meters or so high.

After lunch we suited up and started "canyoning" which involves sliding down rocks into rockpools in a wetsuit. It was mental. Our entire group was laughing uncontrollably the entire time, the water was freezing, and it was my favorite part. Imagine treading through rockpools with 30 foot high cliffs on either side of you and a temperate rainforest canopy overhead.

The canyoning ended at a huge rainfall, which we abseiled down. Once you are 5-10 feet from the pool below you jump backwards into the pool. I landed on my head, and I will probably relive this weekend in PT for years to come. The below picture is someone who definitely has more skills than I do.

I'm not sure why they call this abseiling, but my abs do hurt.

Here are some photos from the next day, when we went for a bushwalk and ate "heaps."

This is the reason why my head hurt last Monday:

And this is a photo of Roy's Radiators. Miss you Roy boy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"In Rainbows" inspired Sydney Photo Journal Entry 1

I think it's funny how everyone thinks Radiohead's new album is somehow going to change the way the world works, so I decided to name this Photo Journal Entry as being "In Rainbows" inspired. Photos will never be the same, man.

As usual if you click on the photos below a larger version will magically appear on your screen - like a rainbow. The connections are literally staring you in the face! Radiohead is speaking to you! You should probably go postal.

Today we are bbqing and going to see some jazz at the bar downstairs (see third photo above).

Here are some pictures of my yesterday

A cool photo from Wiseman's Ferry

And the gratuitous "Rupal with Goat" photo

Hasta Manana

PS- I thought this "Pitchfork's guide to Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' " was so ridiculous you might want to take a look at it. Also, please visit Radiohead's website to buy their album (you can name your own price, it's going to totally change music forever, dude! From now on bands will release albums without record labels and the people will decide what the product is worth and music will be free for everyone forever, yay!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Arcade Fire's abstract interactive music video

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Blog blog blog all day long blog blog blog while I sing that song

Here are some pictures of our Bush walk last weekend in the wilderness. Basically we walked around chanting how much we disapprove of gays, stem cell research, and irony.

Do the D.A.N.C.E.

Contemplative Rupal

Does this look like a tree root to you? To me it looks like carnage - notice that this root has a fleshwound. I know, trees don't bleed. But some do.

This is a lizard generally served on Turkish bread with rocket and balsamic reduction

Oh, the hawkesbury. Ain't she just wonderful.

She's my Coney island baby, my Coney island girl

As usual, living the dream. On our way to brunch yesterday a neighbor was having a tag sale, and we bought an entire garden for our patio - I'm bringing the jungle room back (yea). We've got several fairly large trees, a huge rosemary bush, lavender, and a really zen 2 foot tall tree which I've planted on our kitchen table, which I like to look at while doing dishes.

Looks like later this month we are going canyoning... not sure exactly what that is, but it sounds pretty fun:

The beautiful 30 minute rainforest walk leads you to Twister Canyon. After wetsuits are fitted the fun begins. There are 8 jumps and slides before you reach Rocky Creek. From here the canyon is magnificent and deep. It includes much swimming and a great water-slide into a deep pool.In some parts the canyon is very narrow with high rock walls towering above. At the end of the canyon is a trip back up through the magnificent gorge of Rocky Creek.

Coming soon - a photo journal of our neighborhood courtesy my little camera phone. I've got some pretty slick shots of the art galleries and the cafes - I'm still trying to get some of the crackheads, but it's tough to capture that kind of desperation without putting yourself in danger.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


These are the types of birds you see on a walk here.

Weekend de Divertido

Josh and I had a totally boring weekend AGAIN.

Adventure I: We decided to buy a tent second hand, rent a car, and go camping for Friday and Saturday night.

And on the second day, Josh commanded "Let there Be River"

But then wished it was heated.

Adventure II: Sunday morning, we woke up early, had brunch at a quaint local brunch joint (that was 'out of pancakes'!?!) and headed back to the city on a 83 degree day. We showered, took a nap, got our drink on, and headed to Park Life, a dance music fest full to the brim with naked 17 year old girls and super-confident drugged up boys to match.

Kelly calls them fluoro kids:

And my best friend, hero, and dance partner MIA:

Adventure III: Drove down to Maroubra Beach (The Boys of Bra is a movie about surfing that beach) and got our asses kicked by some ridic waves. Josh has pics from there, I believe.

Another amazing weekend.

Table with a View

This was my view on a 'business' lunch recently. By 'business', I mean talking about boyfriends.