Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey for you, turkey for me

I just had a Thanksgiving lunch at work, and have 3 thanksgiving dinners in the next 4 days - but nothing beats Thanksgiving at home. Miss you family, friends, WP!

Also two things:

Daft Punk - Alive 2007 Bonus CD

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taser me my friend

Click on Chuck to download his new mix. I listened to it on my way home, and have been sick with a fever ever since. That's how nasty it is. It's like tasering yourself in the ears repeatedly.

Speaking of repeated tasering, check out this awesome tasering story at a girl talk show at my alma mater. I couldn't be more proud.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

we-bee-bloggen (with 2 dots above the e)

Busy doing what we do best. We are going to New Zealand for 2 weeks over X-mas break. I may be going to Tokyo next week. Our flat is so awesome. We have a bright red wine rack.

We bought a car. Her name is "Starlet," as in her model name. She's a Toyota "Starlet Life," but don't be scared- she's actually quite friendly. Think of her as Scarlet Johanson in automotive form: sexy, elegant, powerful to the point of being somewhat intimidating, yet feminine. And white. And cheap.

Among Miss Starlet's features: 105,000km, 5 speed manual, manual steering, manual locks, manual windows - did I mention she is manual? Parallel parking is a WORKOUT.

FYI - Rupal does not know how to drive stick shift (yet)

This is the beach we went to on Sunday. Kai and I went swimming in our shorts, and got beat up by waves the size of houses.

There was an art exhibit at the beach called "Sculptures by the sea" and this was one of my favorite ones.

This is the poshest club I've ever seen. You can't really see from my camera but there is a glass dj booth hanging from the ceiling. You also can't see the mouthbreathing tossers who hang out here.

Melbourne Cup is an unofficial national holiday which promotes drinking and gambling. Notice the funny hat in the tv below - many people wear funny hats. I won $40.

So I had a very strange cultural experience last week. The fed-ex lady (who is Asian) came in to our office with a package, and she asked me about my watch: it's a red faced wind up watch with Mao on the front, waving. I think it's cute, and Mao is a pretty harmless figure - or so I thought.

"Oh that's so funny, I can see the same thing with Hitler on it," she said. I was so shocked I nearly dropped the package. Totally knocked the wind out of my lungs. I said nothing, and she smiled and walked out.

Was she just making small talk, or is wearing a Mao watch offensive? I haven't worn the watch since, and I'm a bit worried to. Please leave feedback if you can figure out how to add comments on our blogalishious.

-Cheers, Josh