Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're back at it again

tunaman, in search of tunaas usual


Yea yea, this hasn't been updated in a long time. Like close to two months. And we have valid excuses, mostly having to do with Indiana Jones. But I'm going to skip those and get right into it.

The past few months have absolutely flown - most recently my parents came to town for my mom's 20th birthday...

These arehappy people
The tunaman came straight from Coachella, which was insulting and awesome at the same time. The crew went straight to the Hunter Valley upon arrival, and then after recovering from jetlag spent a few days in Sydney, and up to Cairns->mission beach -> dunk island.
grizzled as ever, tunaman attempts to be cute and fails

Dunk is a national park island with a resort, so we got to see wicked spiders and snakes but weren't too far away from gluttunous all-you-can-sneak-in-a-ziplock-bag seafood.
I didn't take this picture in a zoo, or at a farm for freaky poisonous creatures. This thing is not made of plastic. The photo is not blown up to 20x. This spider is the size of my torso.

Rupal and I smashed a coconut against the rocks like savages, but then enjoyed the plentiful bounty

After spending a day in the hot sun playing golf, archery, and other unfathomably weird sports we felt refreshed as ever
What else... we had a going away party for our friend Phil, with a costume theme of "p." Rupal was a princess, I was pee-wee herman (and a dead ringer). See facebook for snaps of that.
Much love and hope to update this a bunch more in the upcoming months.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Sorry for being negligent, but traveling for work and parents being in town has been distracting.

Here is a picture of some happy people. I promise to add more in the next day or so.