Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back To the Grind

We're four weeks into Mr. & Mrs. Iselin. Married life so far is pretty great, though I'm not yet comfortable with the 'mrs.' part (nor the 'Iselin' part, while on that subject). Our time home was perfect and because of our wedding gift for the 'rents, we've got it on home video.

Coming back home to Sydney was difficult. The perfect blend of homesickness requires heaps of perfect weather, a dollop of Grand Canyon, two servings of wedding, and a few days at the Four Seasons to taste. The best cure for it is summer's approach in Sydney.

This weekend was fantastic. After weaseling our way into Diplo at the Oxford Arts Factory (which is a block away) on Friday night, I went to to James Squire Brewery in Darling Harbour to watch the first presidential debate with Democrats Abroad. Watching the debate with a room full of Americans was exciting... I get more riled about being an American when I'm abroad. After spending the rest of the day in the Rocks, I met Josh at Coogee beach with a picnic in hand. Josh was a bit pissed after a day at the races (to those Americans reading this... 'pissed' means drunk, and 'races' are the horse races where everyone wears outfits straight from the polo scene in Pretty Woman). Dinner on the beach and a movie. Today was more of the same - barbie with some good folk, beach, and now bed.

Check out facebook for some wedding pics!