Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oxford Street on Sunday is Full of Excitement

Josh and I drove to the store today and parked in an enclosed parking lot. We were walking to the elevator when I see a man in his late 40s and a woman in her early 30s trying to carry a man that is wasted / passed out / dead. I look at them baffled and yell out 'are you guys ok? do you need our help?" to which the woman desperately cried 'yes'. We run over and she asks us to help drag this passed out man into the elevator as he has 'taken something'. I grab an arm, Josh grabs a leg, and we drag this 200 lb man into the elevator. I asked if she called the ambulance and she says "no- we have to get him upstairs first." Neither Josh nor I have our phones on us, so we have to keep moving. The elevator door closes, but no one knows what button to press, so Josh presses a random button. Josh and I breathe in an overwhelming stench of booze (these people are on drugs and have been up since the night before) and watch this woman on the verge of losing it trying desperately to wake up this passed out man. The elevator door opens to a painted door blocking the exit (what?!). We try another button and the door opens to street level, facing a cafe. Five men at the cafe having lunch look at the five of us and try to come over for help. I tell them to call an ambulance immediately. Josh and I decide that we've done what we can and need to get the hell away from that scene.

Shopping for vegetables was very difficult after that.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

NZ Movie Awards

Some movies from our New Zealand bonanza

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


If you are considering a trip to NZ, a few of these might push you over the edge. What an amazing place! The weather changes every 10 minutes, as does the scenery - glaciers, mountains, rain forests, fjords, rivers, lakes, and tropical coasts all in a country the size of Illinois (they are both 58k square miles in total). And we only really conquered half!

Here are some teasers, full link below!

New Zealand Pictures