Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Housewarming & Photos of the Flat
Bula Bula Fiji Rupal

Some text, if you are into that stuff:

As you can clearly see, Rupal and I have been apart all of 2 days and we have decided to spend the hours until we reunite uploading evidence that we have spent any time together in 2007. My last post includes two really fun videos - the first is our Bula Bula kayak trip. The 2nd is the flight from Taveuni to Nadi.

Where am I? I am in Seattle. I arrived last night after traveling for 30 hours, which was actually not as bad as it sounds. I ate terrible food though - somehow I ate 7 meals on the trip (I just counted) excluding the ice cream, the cucumber and cheese sandwiches, the numerous bags of pretzels and nuts, the coffee(s), the beers. I ate tacos, curries (2), peanut butter & jelly, lentil soup, pepper & cucumber salad, lasagna, eggs, sausages, sandwiches... Someone asked me today (my first day of work) how I felt - I said "It feels like my body is fighting a civil war" which makes sense the more I think about it.

A testament to how bad the music scene in Sydney is, or how good it is during the US summer- I am seeing Girl Talk, Sebastian, and Daft Punk this weekend, among others. For a middle size city Seattle either has the most ridiculous scene ever, or I landed on the electronica equivalent of Christmas.

I just came from going on a toiletry binge. I miss CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, whatever. I spent like $50 (which seems like alot, but so worth it). Then I got a sandwich - there are sandwiches all over this city, and quality ones too. All I've had since I've landed is sandwiches (and sushi for our team lunch). Now I'm icing my leg and forcing myself to drink beers so I can sleep tonight :-)

Why are there sculptures of pigs everywhere in Seattle?

Why is this new Interpol album so bad?


The Real Bula

Blackle: Google Thinking (Dark) Green

Whenever your PC/Mac screen is all white (as in a Word page for instance) the computer will consume about 74 watts. When black it uses an average of 59 watts.

Using this knowledge, some months ago, Mark Ontkush wrote an article about how much could be economized if a Google page used a black background instead of white.

Taking into account the enormous popularity of the site, according to Mark's calculations, about 750 megawatts/hour would be economized each year.

Using this data Google created an all dark version of his search engine calling it Blackle that works exactly as the original version but consumes less power.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Bula, Bula Fiji Rupal

This blog's namesake is the title and lyrics in full to a song written and composed by Josh Iselin. And the song has been in my head for four days now.

"Bula" comprises one fourth of everything that comes out of a Fijian's mouth. Fijians, specifically Taveunians, are pure honey.

On Tuesday night, we landed in Nadi and stayed at the Worst Hotel in Scotland. We immediately took a cab to town to get out of that shithole and got taken to an Indian restaurant, where we were only ones who were (ever) there but paid twice as much as our shithotel costed. We awoke at 5:30am to take a cold shower before taking our propeller plane to our actual destination: paradise.

The views on this hour long flight was in itself worth the cost of the flight. We traversed the length of Fiji's biggest island and passed a few more to an island called Taveuni, on of Fiji's 300+ islands.

Josh and I stayed at Makaira, a commune-like 'resort' (we were the only ones there until the last day), where our bure (bungalow) had a 20 yard backyard, with coconut trees, a hammock shack, flowers, an outdoor shower, chickens (and cockamamie roosters who cockadoodle-dooed starting at 2am), and dozens of frogs (that only came out after dusk). After this 20 backyard was a 25' cliff, a 2-lane road beneath, and then ocean and some ocean.

We filled our days with snorekling, beach-hopping (all of which we had to ourselves), kayaking, bike riding, reading, and trying desperately to get drunk (the latest we went to be was 11- the generator shut off at 10).

On Friday, one of the six or so Fijians that lived / worked at Makaira's son turned one and they invited us to the party, which was in the Bula Hula Hut in the back of Makaira. Excluding the Hawaiian couple that owned the place, we were the only non-Fijian there. Josh and I took one of the first seats for the Kava ceremony that lasted the entire party, only to get up to eat the best damn Fijian cooking on the island. Everyone mustered up the best english they could to make us feel truly welcomed. I, in turned, uttered 'naka' or 'bula' about 8,000 times.

Josh and I parted ways on Sunday- he to Seattle (and Portland, British Columbian outback, and NYC) and I back to Sydney. Please send comments so I don't get too lonely.

Fiji Rupal

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is this thing on?

There is an ancient Confucian proverb: With Internet Comes Good Fortune.

Since we were reconnected with the wonderful inter web, marvelous things have been in the making.

Somehow in the last 24 hours an exotic trip to Fiji has materialized, as has a venue for our wedding.

Some other big updates:
  • I'm employed by Atlas
  • From Fiji, I am going directly to Seattle for 6 weeks of training
  • Working on quick trips up to BC, down to Portland, and over to NY
  • I return to SYD, and 2 weeks later leave for Japan, China, India, and Singapore
  • Our flat has been fixed, painted, and fully decorated
  • We are having a housewarming party 2 days before I leave :-(
  • Rupal and I are going to have to be apart again :-( :-(
I will take photos of our apartment, in all of it's glory, in the next several days. Promise.

Some small updates:
  • Sydney has ridiculous seafood which we eat every day
  • A case of beer is $50 but custom framing is ridiculously cheap
  • We just carried a huge TV down the block and up the stairs, and it doesn't work
  • We have purple and blue furniture in our living room
  • 2 cats visit our flat when we leave the balcony open, and we feed them milk
  • When I put Turkish bread in our sandwich press I remember why Turkey is so important and great

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I love you internet

Dear Internet,

I love you so much! The bad people at Optus didn't want us to be together, but I knew that ultimately we would share this moment of wireless ecstasy.

For over a month we have been separated, secretly meeting in hushed cafes and back alleys for brief exchanges, unable to express ourselves due the poor connection and/or lack of credit.

However, it's so nice outside! You are just going to have to wait to have my full attention until the day is through. Isn't that our luck, that now we have been reunited when the weather has become clear, and I have no use for you?

I still love you though, internet. I'll be back.

*This post is dedicated to Trevor and Jay (they know why) and Al Gore for inventing the Internet