Monday, January 5, 2009

Clearly we are slackers asking for beatdowns

Some highlights of the last little bit - click here for photos:

1) We went camping and my neck is now completely f'd up
2) we hiked at royal national park, koskiosko national park
3) Rupal pet wild kangaroos (no we don't have pet kangaroos, we pet them)
4) we had a 4 part saga with a huge spider, and I have part 1 on video below

  • part 1 - video below
  • part 2 - we found him again in the car door
  • part 3 - we were driving down the highway and somewhat pulled next to us and starting honking. "I don't mean to frighten you but the biggest spider I've ever seen just crawled into your boot. I'd be really scared if I were you. Merry X-mas!" (boot means trunk)
  • part 4 - We found him and killed him in the street. It was liberating and sad.
5) We had an awesome nye party at our place, pictures on facebook, some selects included here
6) We went to hunter valley and shared a house, drank lots of good wine, biked around, and I saw a fox/dingo, not sure which.
7) Sandip was in Australia for 6 days and did more than most people do in 6 months
8) I am now bbqing kanga bangas, which (you may have guessed) are kangaroo sausages

Josh & Rupal

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Ray Popp said...

Cry...that's all we can do. This video was briliant!